Welcome to my website! :)

Welcome to my travel website!


Ok folks, we are going on a new trip!!!! I will be updating my website frequently during this trip! We are going to Scotland, Germany, and many more places along the way! If you have any information about the places we will be going to, please feel free to check out the chat page on my website and tell me! Any comment about the places are appreciated, also, don't forget to tell me if i post anything wrong so i can fix it and present more accurate information! I will be postin replies to as many comments as i can, thank you!

For all you gamers out there, i will be posting a page about Minecraft and Civilisation V! Hopefully, i will start to post ingame videos with commentary and a youtube channel, but that's in the future! If you guys want me to do any kind of Minecraft, Tekkit, or FTB (Feed The Beast, a minecraft mod pack), please tell me in the comments and i will try to get some pictures. This page isn't due to be up for a while! Thank you!

Check the graph below for more updates on my trip!!!

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2012 Planet Earth Review of the year 2012!

This is me, yes, the funny looking boy in the yellow shirt with a funny looking hat holding up a fish. Not joking. that is me, Jasper freedman.

picture of Jasper holding up a fish

This website will tell you about my awesome adventure so you can find out where to go and where not to go.

I think that you all will enjoy this web. It will also have some fishing info on it for those wishing for some advice when getting started in saltwater fishing.

Anyway, without further delay, my website.I will also be giving out trip advice later in the year.

Here is a Currency Echange page.

I have put up a comment page where you can chat with other people or comment to me. I check my comments frequently so if there is anything i have done wrong on my website, please let me know so i may fix it. Please feel free to comment on the website, i look forwards to hearing your ideas on what i should add and take out, Thank you! :-)