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We went ocean fishing in Canada on the 8/18/2012 for Salmon and Halibut. We chartered a boat for two days called Castaway Charters. The Captain’s name was Paul. So we rented a small cottage for the trip. There was one bedroom for Mom and me, and another for Jonathan and Ethan. Jim Buck had a couch that converted into a bed so thats where he was sleeping.


We got up and 5:00 and had breakfast, then drove down to the dock, departed on the boat to the fishing spot, and started fishing. On the first day, we trolled until about 10:30 and caught about 15 salmon at average 6 lbs each! Then we jigged for halibut.

Boy do they fight harder than the salmon. They pull and drag line out from the PENN 330s we were using to catch them. When I got my first halibut, it started to take line almost immediately. I pump and turn and pump and turn and drag that sucker 300 ft. to the surface. He ended up to weigh about 10.5 lbs! We Maxed out our daily limits that day! The biggest fish,(Jim Bucks halibut)weighed 15 lbs! When we got it flash frozen, we had 70 lbs of fillets! I couldn’t believe we got that much in a low season! It was amazing. Day 2 on the other hand, we only caught 6 keepers. But we caught and released 20 wild cohos!(you can only keep the hatchery)

After Ocean fishing, I went salmon fishing on the Fraser river! They had huge fish there but there were not as many fish as there were in the ocean! I caught this huge 18 lb spring that took 15 min to bring in! It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!