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My cousin Jon and his fiance, Riki, just got married in a town called Dresden!!!!!!!!! And I was there!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun, and there was a lot of food! So, the wedding, including all the parties, lasted a whole week!!! On the the first day, we went to a party that lasted until 4:00 a.m!!!We only stayed untill 1:00 a.m though. The best part of the partie was in the beginning, where we broke pottery and china! (on purpose)

The next day, we chilled out with our relatives and went shopping but the main event of that day, was when we went for a HUGE dinner. The dinner was only for the international guests, like us. It was a fixed menu but it was tasty all the same. We mostly chatted during that dinner but we had fun.

Now onto the touring part of our stay in Dresden. Jon and Riki had prepared some tours of Dresden for the next three days. On the first day of touring, we went to the Volkswagon factory for a tour of their assembly line! It was sooooo cool! The floor moved when the workers were working on a car so that they know when to be done, how much time they have left, and they can work on stations as their car follows them on the moving floor! They had robotic like arms that they can control to lift heavy objects!!! It was awesome!!!!!!! The next day, we took a tour of Dresden itself! There was a lot of OLD buildings and all the streets were cobble! There was this one long painting that stretched an entire block!!!

On the last day of tours, we visited the German countryside and the place where Jon and Riki were going to get married! The church was a small, but peaceful church and the field around it was a beautiful place to get married.

The next day, wedding day, was the most exciting day in our whole stay in Dresden, Germany! First up, was going to the church, which everyone did via bus. Then, we all assembled in the hall and seated ourselves. Then, the Pastor said a speech. After that, there was some music, one of the pieces that was played in the church was Invention No. 1 by Bach and played by me! The vows were said and the marriage candle was lit! After that, we all filed out into the field to take pictures and blow bubbles!

There were a lot of nice photos taken of Jon and Riki as they stood together...AAWWWWWWW...

Then, came the party! We took the bus to a castle which Jon and Riki had rented for the day, and partied for, basically the whole night until around 1:00 a.m. Just before midnight, Jon and Riki started dancing and it was cool and AWESOME!!!!!

We had to go home but some of the other guests went to hang out in bars. I was very tired. The rest of our stay in Dresden, was basically catching up on a LOT of lost sleep and saying good bye to people!

P.S. The wedding was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of Dresden!

The rest of our Germany trip went like this:

Aug 26 - Aug 28 - Munich
Aug 28 - Aug 29 Augsburg
Aug 30 - Sept 2 Rottenburg
Sept 3 Frankfurt


Munich was a cool place. The first thing that we saw, was a giant clock built into a building. This clock had life sized figures inside of it. These figures, when the clock chimed, would dance around with some music! it was really cool!

After that, we went to the Deutsches Museum. This was the most exciting place that we went to! There were so many sections that we didn't get to see them all! My favorites were the boat section, the model train section, and the planes section. In the boat section, there was a HUGE sailboat that was made of wood and old fashioned wooden pegs! The sail of the boat stuck up several floors up! Behind it was an old steam powered tug boat that had an actual steam engine! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! The best parts of the boat section were the model boats. There were small ones, medium sized ones, and there were models bigger than me! My favorite ones were the cruise liners and sail ships!

We didn't see much in the model trains room because it was crowded, but we did see a little bit. The planes room was AWESOME! There were full sized planes all over the place! We saw fighters, gliders, a part of an airbus A 330, and this cool hoverplane!

The last thing we saw in Munich, was the BMW factory. This place had cars galore and they made every part, inside the factory! There were sooooooo many robots and sparks flying everywhere...it was cool...he he he he.

My two favorite cars on display were two, futuristic looking electric cars!

End of Munich


Augsburg was an old place. We did three things here. The first thing we did was go to the old town hall. The room that we went to was covered in GOLD!!!!!

The second thing we did was visit a place called the Fuggerei. This was a place where poor people, and people in need, go to live. They pay 88 cents a year for rent but they have to pay for their water, their furniture, and their electricity. The modern Fuggerei houses look quite good and are spacious but the old Fuggerei houses were small, cold, and not as comfy.

The third thing that we went to was a church. Inside the church was a concert. Now, this concert was no ordinary concert, the instruments used in this concert were made of stone! It was cool!

End of Augsburg


Rottenburg was by far my most favorite place in Germany other than Dresden. This place had shops with antiques, swords, and all sorts of other cool stuff! There were bratwurst (German sausage in a bun...yum) galore and tonnes of food!

For our first day in Rottenburg, we mostly hung out int he hotel and rested. But for our second day, the shopping had begun! We shopped and biked. The city is surrounded by a wall so we biked on the outside for two reasons. We wanted to see the corn fields;

And because the roads inside the wall are made of cobblestone. We rode for about 4 hours before we went to our daily bratwurst! Tasty...

The third day was a shopping day. I bought a broadsword made in Spain!It was awesome! (I always wanted one). But the fourth day was when we went to an adventure land! Adventure land is kinda like the parkour thing that we did in Scotland but bigger and longer!

We spent 3 hours on it! We then welcomed the meal of lunch as we ate at a restaurant. This restaurant was located inside a store where they make small little clay houses!

Dinner was out daily intake of German bratwurst!. The last day, the day we left, was when we ate our last, German bratwurst...*sniff...

The end of Rottenburg