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Jasper's Art Cards


I have personally painted all of the following designs. Each one has a keyword. Please send mail to me with your order. Don't forget to include your complete mailing address please! Let me know how many of each kind you want, and whether you want fridge magnets or gift tags or cards for each design. Shipping and handling for any order will be $3.00. Hawaii is Free if we don't have to mail it to you. -- Jasper. Payment can be cash, check (to Dan Freedman), or paypal (dan@fsa.ca)


The cards come in packs of 5, complete with envelopes, and are priced at $3.75 per pack of 5. Individual ones are $1.00 each.

Gift Tags

The gift tags come in packs of 10, and are priced at $3.00.

Fridge Magnets

The fridge magnets are sold individually, and are priced at $1.50 each.

This is how a batch of 5 cards looks.
This shows cards and gift tags and a magnet behind.
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