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Rome and the first day at sea.

On the fifteenth of October, we got on the cruise to Greece and Turkey. The ship's name is the Celebrity Equinox. We got on the ship at Rome. While at Rome, I had the best pizza I've ever had. That wasn't the best part though, the best part was having gelato afterwards.

The next day, we actually got on the ship. That night, Jonquil and I signed into the kid's club.There, we met some other kids. I wasn't expecting many kids because most of them are still in school. I was right(I'm not including the 6-8 year olds). There were two other girls in the club. Jonquil immediately became friends with them but there were no other boys of my age. Anyway, the ship set off at about 4:00 and headed out to sea.

We had one day at sea before we arrived at Santorini so we made use of it to go swimming with Jonquil's friend, and to go to the kid's club, and do a little bit of school. The first thing that I noticed was how mich bigger my stomach had become after the first couple meals. Lunch was four plates of food and dinner was a nice, juicy, prime, rib! It was sooooooo good. Mom booked this huge, family sized cabin that would have passed as an apartment!