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We have recently arrived in Paris, France, and have gone to two places. These places are called the Louvre (a famous museum) and an old, converted palace that is now a museum called Versailles.

Let's start with The Louvre. The Louvre is a place on the right bank of the river Seine, Paris, France. The Louvre holds over 35,000 artifacts including the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo! The Louvre was originally a fortress built in the 12th century by PhilipII. The Museum is inside a converted palace (the fortress) called The Louvre Palace hence the name of the museum. Here are some pictures of the the Mona Lisa, and The Venus De Milo, courtyard.

The Mona Lisa was pained by Leonardo Da Vinci between 1503 and 1506. The lady in the painting is a portrait of Lisa Gheradini, the wife of Franceso Del Giocondo.

The Venus De Milo is a statue of Aphrodite od Milos. It is the most famous greek sculpture in the world! Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. And inscription on the plinth tells that the statue was made by Alexandros of Antioch.


Versailles is a royal chateau in a place called Versailles. This place is in a region of France called Lle-de-france. At the time that the chateau was built, the Versailles was mostly made of farmlad; today, however, the city Paris occupies the 20 kilometers of land between Versailles and the center of Paris.

The old court in The Versailles palace was the center of the political power in france from 1682 in till the Louis XIV moved out of Paris but was forced to return to the capital in october of 1789 during The French Revolution. Versailles is mostly famous for being a museum and an ancient palace vut is also famous for being the system of absolute monarchy in the Ancien Regime. Here are two pictures of the courtyard and two pictures of the roofs in two of the rooms.

Personally, I think that The Versailles was a very interesting place with all the GOLD. I think that the architecture was just fantastic for people back in the olden days!