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India was quite exciting. We went straight off the Celebrity Solstice and onto the dock where we got into a van. The van took us to a giant houseboat made of bamboo. The houseboat was really interesting. The houseboat took us through the backwaters of India. We arrived at the lunch stop and the chef made some nice Indian food. Then, I went fishing but had no luck. :( When we went back, we passed about 1,000,000 ducks. The people who live here farm large numbers of ducks to be sold, cooked, and eaten. There were also little chicks who still had their fuzzy feathers on. They stayed with their moms and dads.

After the riverboat, we went to see an Indian dance. The dance lasted until 7:00. It was quite boring but the only interesting part was the fighting scene. We were very tired when we got back and hadn't had dinner so we went to the buffet and went to bed.