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September 5th...Phoenix

We are in the RV!!!! When we arrived in Phoenix, not only did we have soooo much fun, but we also did it indoors due to the heat!!!! On the first day, we got the RV ready and caught up on school. But on the second day, we went to the swap meet! There was a lot of stuff. I ended up adding a knife to my rapidly expanding collection of sharp objects :-) The next day, we went to our cousin's house. From there we took a urban terrain vehicle to, what I would call, a jump house! There were LOTS of trampolines inside and they were fun, but the best part was the bucking bull!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!...WHOAH!...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" That was the only part of my vocabulary that was available as I was tossed in every direction! I bested the bull a couple of times but it threw me off. I usually landed with a solid KERTHWUMP!!!! and an "OOF!!"

It wasn't long before time ran out and we had to go back home a prepare to go to our next RV site!

September 8th...LoLo Mai springs!

LoLo Mai Springs...you would have lots of fun there if there wasn't so much RAIN!!!!!!!! Rain here rain there rain everywhere!!!! We only got a little bit of biking where we went around the RV site. About halfway through our visit in LoLo Mai, we went to a nearby town called Sedona! There was sooooooo much artwork. The best part was this shop where they took cactus, dried the cactus, then made furniture out of it (That excludes chairs and stuff...*ouch*) The other interesting location that came to our attention was this shop called Tlaquepaque where they had all sorts of Kinetic sculptures around it...They were really cool!!! That night, we made our first campfire and made bratwurst!!!! *YUM*

September 10th...The Big Hole (Grand Canyon)

As we drove into Trailer Village, our campground, I noticed a giant, gaping hole in the ground. The Grand Canyon...Huge!!! After we set up, we got the bikes down to bike. We biked to the Grand Canyon post office then sof wildlife! The first, being a few squirrels, the second being an elk, its majestic horns waving through the air as it moved forwards to protect its herd from any harm, and the third, some whistling bluejays! Their feathers were glistening as they flew across the sky! The fourth, being a giant tarantula! It was huge and hairy! It was in the middle of the road, so Mom took a stick and GENTLY put it on the side!

"Man, were leaving tomorrow!" I said to Dad as we started the long, 12 mile biking trip to the highest point on our side of the "Big Hole", called The Hermit Rest. The roads and trails we used to get there were like waves, going up and down, up and down. When we biked the uphill parts, we pedaled hard. When we did the downhill parts, Dad and I would do all sorts of funky tricks, like biking with no hands, or putting your feet on your handlebars, or standing up on your seat! They were all cool but we still needed a break. So we pulled over and had a hearty snack of survival rations and water. Then we started biking again. We spent most of the time in a cloud of silence as we breathed fast while panting in a dog-like manner...Once we had reached the top, we came to a gift shop where we could rest. Mom, being a person who likes exercise, biked all the way back but Jonquil, Dad, and I, who were all tired, took the bus back.

On the last day, we went to one of the Grand Canyon hotels called El Tovar Hotell . There, we had lunch and watched a show! The show was cool but the end was AWESOME!!!! One of the Native American Performers took a bunch of hoolahoops and did a lot of tricks with them while dancing. It was really cool. In the end, he manipulated them into spheres!

End of "The Big Hole"

Wahweap Marina...September 15th

"I'm going fishing tomorrow!!!" I exclaimed as we finished setting up the RV after we got to our new campground in Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell. I had waited a long time to go fishing in Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a man-made lake. The lake was made after the creation of the Glen Canyon Dam which stretches acros the Colorado River. It took 11 years for the Colorado river to fill up the lake. We had a really great time because Mom and I went fishing! We chartered a fishing guide and he was AWESOME!!!!!!!! For the first 2 hours of our charter, he taught us how to fly fish and Mom caught a smallmouth bass! We then spent the rest of our half day of fishing by the dam, where we fished for stripers! There were a lot of stripers and Mom, the guide, and I think that we caught about 45 fish per person!!!!!!!!!!! I caught most of the keepers though. In terms of fish that we kept, Mom caught two five pounders ( I was really jealous) and I caught a couple three pounders and all of the other little fish that we kept.

Another great time we had at the lake was when we went to the fishing dock! There were tonnes of stripers there as well and we caught a LOT!!! Even Jonquil came and caught 2 smallmouth bass!!!(I didn't catch any bass...)

End of Lake Powell

September 18th-20th...Best Friends!!!

Dogs...Cats...birds...PIGS...horses...so many animals...We were at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary! We had a good time. We went on a tour of the vicinity, volunteered, and met one of the founders. On the tour we saw the whole 3700 acre estate! It was huge!!!!!! There was a National Geographic TV series done on it called Dogtown, which is on Netflix!

Dad and I decided to volunteer in the Parrot section of the sanctuary whilst Mom and Jonquil went to the Bunny house! When we got to the Parrot Gardens, we made all sorts of cool parrot toys. The parrots need a lot of toys because they break the toys with their hard beaks. Next, we gave the birds showers using the hose. The hose was on mist mode so it seems as if it's raining. Using the last of our shift, we helped transport the birds from their outside cages to their inside cages. When I received my first bird, the bird almost fell off! After that, I was careful with him as I transported him inside. At about halfway through, I felt a small bond of trust between the bird and I. It was an odd feeling, to know that a bird was relying on you to take him home, and safely. But I transported the rest of my share of birds with no problem after that. Before we left for home, we visited the bunny house!

After we got home, we celebrated Jonquil's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! It was a small celebration, but a celebration no less. We had an ice-cream cake! It was delicious! After the celebration, Jonquil and I settled down and played Monopoly...my favorite game...

We also went on ATVs on the sand dunes! We had two ATVs and a guide. Jonquil went with Mom, and I went with Dad. When we departed, it was soooooo cool. The sand were like waves! We went through a canyon, and over a lot of hills. It was an exhilarating experience! Going over the bumpy parts was fun because when the ATV goes down, your but momentarily stops touching the seat...like a roller-coaster! After we finished ATVing, we went sand boarding! It was really cool! They had snowboards, except for sand, and you would sandboard down the dunes!It was a LOT of fun!

End of Best Friends Animal Society

September 22...Ponderosa Zion RV Resort!!!

Ponderosa Rv Resort...sounds cool. We went there and had LOADS of fun. Jonquil and I went mini ATVing, which is where we r the drivers, not Mom or Dad, we went horse back riding, which was fun, I went rock climbing, and Dad and I went skeet shooting! It was the first time I had ever shot a gun, much less hold one, and I shot 13 of 25 skeets right out of the sky! IT was awesome! I have to admit, I think I've fallen in "love" with skeet shooting...

Mini ATVing was fun, but we went around in a circle. They only had 1 ATV available so one of us had to drive a golf cart until it was half time, when we would switch. I went in the golf cart first. I could outdrive Jonquil in the golf cart because Jonquil likes to drive slow. Once it was my tuen on the ATV, I cranked up the throttle and drove "circles" around Jonquil. I probably went around twice as many times as her, but she likes to drive slow.

Horse-back riding was awesome! I actually got a mule instead of a horse. She was a good mule and did her job well. We went through the forrest and up a mountain and then we came back. It was fun but we got soar in "certain places".

I like rock climbing. This rock wall had an upside down bit. The rock wall was easy until there. As I neared the top, I got so tired, that I actually thought of giving up! I told myself that I had to persevere. So I reached up and grabbed the hold in front of me, reached over the edge with my other, and came out of the overhang. The rest was easy. When i got to the top, there was a gate and fence which let to the watch tower and the zip line. I clung to the gate and gazed out over the horizon at the beauty before me. I had to come down though, so I did. It was REALLY fun!!!!!

I was nervous to shoot a shot gun. It was the first time i had ever handled a firearm. Before, I had studied videogames and stuff and I also studied on my 1-1 size homemade lego ACR. I thought I was never going to hit anything though. - = miss while X= hit (the videos might not be in order)

- - X X -

X X - - X

- X - X -

X - X - -

There were five more shots that were not filmed

End of Ponderosa Park.

September 26th to 28th...Las Vegas

Las Vegas was "OK". Most of the time, Jonquil's and my eyes were watering from the smoke. The good parts of Las Vegas were the shows. We went to 3 shows. The first show was called The Mac King Comedy Magic show. He was REALLY good and was extremely funny! I liked his show quite a bit because he learned about the audience and adapted to their sense of humor. The next show that we watched, was called, Popovich animal circus. He made a few mistakes in his show, but other than that, I enjoyed watching his performance. I REALLY liked the last bit because he brought out all of his cats and they did tricks! I like cats so it was GREAT to watch them do tricks.

The last, and the best show that we watched, was called La Reve. La Reve is like a cirque de solei type thing. This one, had a lot of water elements in it though. There was a lot of cool swimming and jumps! The music was AWESOME and the special effects were unique! Over all, the shows were the best part of Las Vegas.

here are some pictures!

End of Las Vegas