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Tanzania is a country in eastern Africa. I shall write this blog entry as a book as the adventure within is worthy of one itself.

Here is a useless fact about Tanzania: It is home to a gem 1000 times rarer than diamond. This gem is called Tanzanite.πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

Dubai- October 26 - October 28

Arusha, Tanzania- October 28 African Tulip (hotel🏨)

The African Tulip hotel is the place that we are staying in. The African Tulip ia even more convenient than you think, it is owned by the company that we are taking a safari with!!!πŸ˜ƒ It is a nice place with a shallow swimming pool. Other than that, there isn't much to say. We had a rest and the next day went on the safari!!!

Now, before I start the story, let me give you some pictures.



Ngorongoro Crater- October 29 -with Manyara NP

Ngorongoro Crater is a crater inside a volcano. This crater is home to more animals than I can name. I can name the ones that we saw though, here we go. We saw 2 rhinoceroses, a couple od thousand buffalos, zebras, and wildebeest. There were sooo many of them that I actually got bored of seeing them. The most exciting part though, was the lioness that we saw. We also saw a warthog, πŸ—, some elephants, 🐘, some water buffalo, πŸƒ and a whole bunch of baboons. Not kidding. They were blocking the roads like the baboons they are.

The experience was more than I had ever expected though. It was a lot of driving. Whenever we came to a bathroom stop, we would stretch our legs. At one stop, we saw a baboon sneak into another jeep and steal a picknick lunch box. Picnic lunch boxes are cardboard boxes with our lunch in them. I feel sorry for the person who didn't get to eat lunch.

Maasai Village- October 30

Now here's a real story. We went to a Maasai Village, as you have probably guessed. It was an...interesting experience. We drove up to the village as we would any other sight seeing place. The villagers come up to greet us. They brought us into the village and made me, yes me, to a ceremonial jumping dance. Before I go any further, let me give you some basic info. Ready, here we go: The Maasai live on a diet of milk, blood, and meat. They live in small, simple, huts made of mud and cow poop 😡 πŸ’©. They show their wealth by the number of cattle they own. Last but not least, they do a traditional dance in which you have to dance in order to show your strength. Now, back to the story. When they took me to jump, they gave ma a stick, and a traditional headdress. Quite uncomfortable, but I wore it. After all that hullabaloo was over and done with, they took us into the main part of the village. After we had done the tour, we realized that they ha a very good tactic: Divide, and conquer. They split us into groups of two, then took us on the tour. At first, I thought it was harmless but once they tried to sell us stuff once we had gotten to the market, I realized that if they separate us, it will be easier to sell us stuff. Very clever eh? This village is a tourist attraction. Some other people who we saw at a table next to ours at dinner, said the following: "...I mean, don't you think that this guy knows how to work our camera a little to well?..." I thought this was hilariously true!

Anyway, the Massai village was cool. My favorite place they took us, was the school. The school was this little hut without walls. There were about twenty children of age between three, and five, I think. You may wonder where they keep their cattle. Well, if you do please pay attention. If you don't, you can kindly disregard the rest of this paragraph. The Maasai keep their cattle in an enclosure. How, you ask? Well they use thorn bushes. The cows don't like the prickly branches of the Acacia tree.

Serengeti NP- October 31, November 2- Mbuzi Mawe tented campβ›Ί and November 3 and 4- Serena Serengeti Lodge.

Serengeti National Park is a very, very, good place to see things. First we went on a game drive. On the game drive, we saw some elephants 🐘, some zebras, and the best thing that we saw that day, was a leopard πŸ† (#1, #2). Don't confuse leopards with cheetahs. Cheetahs are smaller, and run faster. Leopards are larger as you might have guessed. The leopard can drag more than double their weight up into a tree. The leopard that we saw, had a kill in the tree. Our guide identified it as Thompson Gazelle.

After that, we went to the Mbuzi Mawe tented camp β›Ί. An Excellent place to go for three nights. The tents are permanent so they have walls and everything. They even have running water!!! This was the place were we met the couple who said "...I mean, don't you think that this guy knows how to work our camera a little to well?...". Very nice people. The next day was the same except some of the zebras were pregnant and we didn't see any cheetahs.

The day after that, we went to the Serena Serengeti Lodge. This lodge was not a tent, it was a stone hut! Cool aint it? It had a tv, a shower, a balcony, even some rocking chairs. Anyway, enough with the huts. The next day, we had a day off. Sure, Mom , not a surprise really, went on the safari with Papa and Aunty Mary. The rest of us stayed behind. I was glad to o it as well. Boy was is good to stretch my joints. CRCK CRACk. I was doing that for about twenty minutes. We had free time for about an hour and a half before we had to do blog until lunch. After free time was over, I openend up my laptop and started to type. Blah blah blah blah ...When the city was excavated, they found multiple bodies, animals, and household items such as ... yack yack yack boring stuff boring stuff exploding volcano... city buried. Yes, I was writing the Pompeii page.

We had lunch, I had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and they came back. I didn't miss much. They saw some dead wildebeest that had drowned in an overflowing river. Still glad I had a day of rest though.

Tarangire NP- November 5 @ Buggy Scary Hotel

Tarangire is a national park where we saw the following exciting things: We saw a leopard, some Baobab trees, some elephants and the most annoying, the tsetse (pronounce: tetsy) fly 😑 . Boy, were they annoying. They are attracted to to black and blue colors and have pinchers designed to cut through clothing and the skin of animals!!! They were everywhere. They crawl up you pants, mind you, their bigger than the regular fly, and when they bite, it stings like...I won't type that out. But you get the point. We got "mobbed" in a matter of speaking.

Now, let's start to talk about the Buggy Scary Hotel. What's that? You dont want to know? Sounds to scary to talk about? Well I'll try to descarify the story. We were driving up to the hotel and it looked quite decent until you got into the tent. It was just like Mbuzi Mawe Tented camp except for the condition of the floor, the shower, the lights, the...are you listening? Yes? Ok, I'll continue. The shower floor looked as if some alien had a bloody nose, there were holes in the floor by the bed. The amount of bugs were unbelievable. And there were a millions of ants. There were bugs under the covers of the bed with you and they had grasshoppers jumping on you at random. I was up until two in the morning playing on electronics to keep my mind off of the bugs crawling up my legs. Close my eyes and I start to dream about a giant bug sitting in my bed πŸ› 😫. Warning, reactions to reading this includes: sick stomach, fainting, horrible nightmares of giant bugs trying to eat you, and ocasional wetting the old pants. Now the worst part was dinner. There were giant dung-beetles flying about, bugs in you food, grasshoppers jumping in your hair, and the occasional one jumping into your drink (that happened to me). You had to watch your every mouthful for a bug. I learned that lesson the hard way. You can tell wether you have one in your mouth by the tickling sensation you get when they climb on the walls of your mandible. I won't disgust you any further. I should probably leave you alone before I make you empty your stomach, but we actually had the best time when we left that place.

Arusha- November 6, November 7 @ African Tulip

The African tulip hotel is a wonderful place to be after Buggy Scary Hotel. The African Tulip hotel is the same one that we had in the beginning of the trip. Same room, same table at dinner, same everything. I even had the same type of pizza. The hotel looked better than ever. We went swimming, we went to the market, we had a nice relaxing day, except for the market. The market was excellent. I bought a knife and an ornamental spear to ad to my weapons collection, yeah, I really have one. It's huge to. I must have gotten at least a dozen knives on this trip. I expect no less. Anyway, I had fun. Nothing much happened during the time after you so I bore you to death with: we did this we did that we ate lunch we sat down we blah blah blah.