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Facts about London!!!

    The currency exchange from 1 USD to 1 GBP (Great Britain Pound) is $1-£0.6214!!!
    The streets of London are curved to give it a more stunning look!
    a lot of buildings are six stories tall because of a building limit when they were built!

We arrived in London after a 28 Hour long trip from Hawaii to London. On the first day, we tried to get used to the temperature, we went to the Natural History Museum!!! We only got to see the Dino Exhibit though. Sorry for the lack of pictures, we didn't have our cameras at the time.

We went to the Warner Bros Studio where they filmed Harry Potter. All the Animatronics like Buckbeak were good, but the most amazing thing was the scale version of Hogwarts!!! Every inch was made of real stone and each brick was laid down by hand!!! The top of the model was at least 20 ft high off the floor!!! It's not easy to build one of these big models. It takes a lot of steps. First step is you have to plan out and perfect the designs on paper. Then, you have to make a model of the project out of cardboard/wood and/or clay! In this case, cardboard and wood.

The next step is putting all those models and all those blueprints to use and build the real thing!!! The next step is to paint it and put all the lighting in !!!

No body can forget the Nightbus can they? Well if you don't remember, here's a picture to refresh your memory.

Look familiar? Thought so. The Nightbus you're looking at is the original Nightbus that they used to film Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkban!

Another favorite is Fawkes, the Phoenix. I just love his orange and red feathers, don't you?

The last thing that we saw before we left, was Diagon Ally!!!

It was sooo cool!!! The most amazing thing that I thought, was that they could restore it when they blew Olivander's Wand shop up!!!

We went to kings Cross Station! There, we took a picture of Platform 9 and 3/4! Here it is!

On October 6th, we went to the British Museum! In here, we saw a lot of statues!

Ever heard of a place called Greenwich? Well if you haven't, you should know that the Prime Meridian goes straight through a observatory in Greenwich! We went to that observatory so we stepped on the Prime Meridian!!! Here is a picture!

Just so you know, the Prime Meridian is the line dividing the Eastern half of the world, with the Western half. So Jonquil and I were both stepping in both halvs of the world all at once!!!

In the days between and including the 4th and the 8th, we watched three plays. The first one, on the 4th, was The Phantom of the Opera! I thought that it was an o.k. show but it was still good.

The next one, on the 6th, was one called Matilda. Now this is one that I really enjoyed. Not only because I have watched the movie, but because I have read the book. The story is about a young, five year old girl, who is really smart. She goes to a school who has a wicked, world class hammer throwing maniac woman for a principal! I won't spoil the rest for you so you'll have to watch the movie which is available on Netflix.

Jean Valjean is a prisoner in London. He was arrested for steeling a loaf of bread for his sister and family. He passes his time in prison and is let out. Nobody shows him kindness except for the bishop, who lies to the police about Jean Valjean when he tries to steal the bishops silver utensils. Instead, he tells them that ha gave the silverware to Jean Valjean. Many years later, he is a semi rich person who helps anyone who he can. When he comes across a little girl,(Cosette), in the forest, alone, he asks her name. She tells it to him and takes him to her home when he asks her to. He buys her off the owner of the pub (M. Thénardier). Anyway, that's the beginning of the story. I don't want to ruin it for you so I won't go any further. It was a very good show though.

We also went to see a castle called Windsor Castle. I don't really have much to say except that the pictures tell of it's great magnificence!

Actually, there is more to say. This castle is a summer home to Her Majesty, the Queen! She lives here when summer comes and the weather is warm. The castle is guarded by not only the guards, but with stone lions as well. The whole castle is over a thousand years old! The moat has been emptied and is now full of a beautiful garden!

A couple of days after we saw Les Miserable, we met our Great Uncle, Uncle Stanley and his wife, Aunty Edna. We had Lunch at Leicester Square (a place in London). After that, we took Uncle Stanley and Aunty Edna to the Apple Store. While at London, there wasn't a single day where we didn't go shopping at some time or another!So basically, the rest of our trip in London was shopping!