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Everybody knows about Athens, right? No? All right then. Let's start with a little bit of history. Athens was named after the Greek god, Athena. The Parthenon, on the Acropolis, had a statue of Athena. This statue was covered with all sorts of precious gems like Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, and GOLD! Unfortunately, this statue was stripped of all its precious stuff. The statue itself, was taken from the Parthenon. Sad isn't it? Well, it is what it is.

Here is the Greek alphabet. Thought you might want to see it.

  • Α - Greek capital Alpha
  • α - Greek lower case alpha
  • Β - Greek capital Beta
  • β - Greek lower case beta
  • Γ - Greek capital Gamma
  • γ - Greek lower case gamma
  • Δ - Greek capital Delta
  • δ - Greek lower case delta
  • Ε - Greek capital Epsilon
  • ε - Greek lower case epsilon
  • Ζ - Greek capital Zeta
  • ζ - Greek lower case zeta
  • Η - Greek capital Eta
  • η - Greek lower case eta
  • Θ - Greek capital Theta
  • θ - Greek lower case theta
  • Ι - Greek capital Iota
  • ι - Greek lower case iota
  • Κ - Greek capital Kappa
  • κ - Greek lower case kappa
  • Λ - Greek capital Lamda
  • λ - Greek lower case lamda
  • Μ - Greek capital Mu
  • μ - Greek lower case mu
  • Ν - Greek capital Nu
  • ν - Greek lower case nu
  • Ξ - Greek capital Xi
  • ξ - Greek lower case xi
  • Ο - Greek capital Omicron
  • ο - Greek lower case omicron
  • Π - Greek capital Pi
  • π - Greek lower case pi
  • Ρ - Greek capital Rho
  • ρ - Greek lower case rho
  • Σ - Greek capital Sigma
  • σ - Greek lower case sigma
  • ς - Greek lower case final sigma
  • s
  • Τ - Greek capital Tau
  • τ - Greek lower case tau
  • Υ - Greek capital Upsilon
  • υ - Greek lower case upsilon
  • Φ - Greek capital Phi
  • φ - Greek lower case phi
  • Χ - Greek capital Chi
  • χ - Greek lower case chi
  • Ψ - Greek capital Psi
  • ψ - Greek lower case psi
  • Ω - Greek capital Omega
  • ω - Greek lower case omega

All quite fascinating if you ask me. The way they came up with the names for each letter is amazing! I can't come up with that many names. Anyway, back to the subjet of the Parthenon. The Parthenon looks kind of ridiculous with all the scaffolding and all the brand new, white marble that's being placed in the holes where the old ones went missing. Looked a bit like a jigsaw puzzle where you've lost a whole bunch of pieces and made brand spanking new ones to fit in. If you ask me, the parthenon wasn't very impressive with the different colorization in it. :( There's so much marble in Greece that it's cheaper than wood! Not kidding. Almost all statues are made of marble so... there are a lot of statues. <<<< PERHAPS A PICTURE SHOWING THE ACROPOLIS ON TOP OF THE HILL WOULD BE GOOD - JUST TO KNOW WHERE IT'S SITUATED - ACTUALLY IT'S IMPORTANT TO SHOW THE LOCATION OF ACROPOLIS,, REMEMBER ACROPOLIS IS A COLLECTION OF BUILDINGS ON THE HILL AND PARTHENON IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ONE - DEDICATED TO ATHENA. >>>>

The first four pictures are of the Parthenon.

Pictures 5, 6, and 7 are of the coulombs that are, or were, supporting the Parthenon and the temple beside it.

Amazing what the ancient Greeks can do with marble. They used the same methods of cutting marble as the Romans did. If you didn't reed the Ephesus page, here is the paragraph about cutting stone.The way they cut marble, was using a stone saw and water! I couldn't believe it either! They cut the marble with the saw, while running the water over it! They can make most of the big cuts this way but have to do all the details using a chisel and a hammer.

During this tour of Athens, we hired a driver to drive us around. The driver's name was George. George was a very good driver. He also acted like a tour guide by giving us info on the places we were going to see. The most interesting part about him though, was the fact that he was a SouthAfrican, Greek driver. That, was cool. Anyway, he was the best driver in the world!

During the last moments of the tour, George took us to a bakery. This was no normal bakery though, this bakery had loaves of bread covered with chocolate! I had the best ice-cream there as well.

I had Lasagna for lunch at this really good place! They used giant penna pasta instead of the regular lasagna pasta. It was still good though.