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Ephesus is an ancient ruin which is located in Turkey. It used to be populated by the Romans. The city was evacuated because of a disease called Malaria. The Romans were the most advanced empire of that era because of the inventions that they had. Those inventions include: aqueducts, underground pipes, central heating, running water in rich houses, warm water, and many more things that I can't list. All of these things made Rome a prosperous empire. They even invented the hospital and the pharmacy as well. They couldn't fight against Malaria though, so, like I said, the city had to be abandoned.

We visited this ancient city. The view of the valley below was amazing!!! You could see for miles around...not really but you get the idea. There were lots of carvings and lots of Columns as well.

Only about 20 to 30 percent of of the ruins have been discovered so... we didn't see all of the city. I thought that the only thing that was nice was the view. Other than that, I wouldn't go there again. My opinion will change as I appreciate these things more and more, so I would recommend. There were a couple of different spots to take a picture including, what I call, the Ephesus cat, and an ancient toilet.

The Ephesus Cat.

This picture is of an ancient library!

This one is the toilet. Charming isn't it?

This picture is of a monster called Medusa.

Anyway, the rich can walk on the mosaic road where there are mosaics on the road, and the poor can't. The rich can shop for genuine items. Whereas if you're poor, your fake shop is right around the corner. If you're rich, you have running water. Whereas if you're poor, there's a non mosaic path to the fountain. The rich have nice seats with back rests in the amphitheater. Whereas if you're poor, the rest of the rows are plain. You get the point, don't you? Rich have more privileges than the poor.

Let's start talking about ancient plumbing. I'm not kidding, there was plumbing back then. The Romans used terra cotta tubes with connectable ends so they could be fitted down walls, roofs, underground, and overground. They made the pipes watertight using a special cement that included egg whites! That's why the pipes can be white if, and when, you see them. I think it's quite amazing.

The way they cut marble, was using a stone saw and water! I couldn't believe it either! They cut the marble with the saw, while running the water over it! Genius those Romans are! They were the leaders in modern technology at the time! I thought it was very cool, that part.