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We arrived in London after a 28 Hour long trip from Hawaii to London. On the first day, we tried to get used to the temperature, we went to the Natural History Museum!!! We only got to see the Dino Exhibit though. Sorry for the lack of pictures, we didn't have our cameras at the time.

We went to the Warner Bros Studio where they filmed Harry Potter. All the Animatronics like Buckbeak were good, but the most amazing thing was the scale version of Hogwarts!!! Every inch was made of real stone and each brick was laid down by hand!!! The top of the model was at least 20 ft high off the floor!!! It's not easy to build one of these big models. It takes a lot of steps. First step is you have to plan out and perfect the designs on paper. Then, you have to make a model of the project out of cardboard/wood and/or clay! In this case, cardboard and wood.

The next step is putting all those models and all those blueprints to use and build the real thing!!! The next step is to paint it and put all the lighting in !!!

No body can forget the Nightbus can they? Well if you don't remember, here's a picture to refresh your memory.

Look familiar? Thought so. The Nightbus you're looking at is the original Nightbus that they used to film Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkban!

Another favorite is Fawkes, the Phoenix. I just love his orange and red feathers, don't you?

The last thing that we saw before we left, was Diagon Ally!!!

It was sooo cool!!! The most amazing thing that I thought, was that they could restore it when they blew Olivander's Wand shop up!!!

We went to kings Cross Station! There, we took a picture of Platform 9 and 3/4! Here it is!