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Pompeii is a big city that was buried by a volcano called Mt.Vesuvius. This city is located in southern Italy. The map the people at the gate gave us made Pompeii look like a fish. There was the head, the fins, and the tail! Anyway, we only did a little bit of the city. We walked through a whole bunch of ruins. The first one was called the House of the Fawn. This house was called the House of the Fawn because of the statue of a fawn in the courtyard. This was a little bit boring to me so we went to see a house that grew so big, that it occupied the whole block!!! This house had several rooms and three courtyards.

The roads outside of the houses had 1, 2, or 3 large stones in the middle.

These stones had gaps in between them so chariots could be driven in between them. The sides of the roads were high up so that any chariot that went out of control couldn't come onto the side walk and hurt anybody. How did people walk over these high roads? Simple, they stepped on the rocks. These rocks were ancient cross walks! Amazing! I thought it was very ingenious.

Here is a list of pictures.

The pictures below here until the next paragraph were taken inside a bathhouse.

When the city was excavated, they found multiple bodies, animals, and household items such as pots. The saddest of the deaths was a woman who was pregnant. :( All the bodies are kept in a museum that is in Naples. The ones displayed in Pompeii are plaster casts only. Still very sad though. The whole city is about half a mile square.

Mt.Vesuvius started as a small hill then gradually built up until it was a mountain. After there was enough pressure, the top of the volcano blew right off of it's hinges, not really but you get the point. The citizens of Pompeii had no idea what was happening until they saw the lava, the ash, and the fire. The cloud of ash was over a mile in diameter. It blocked the sun and suffocated all animals and humans who didn't escape.

She wasn't lucky.

He wasn't lucky either.

He was trying not to breath the air.

Picture a doomsday movie and turn it into the year AD 79. No cars, no planes, no pollution. Just farmland, a dozen shops, and a whole bunch of buildings. Once you've done that, you can see what the citizens of Pompeii were feeling.

Personally, this didn't intrest me that much. I did learn a lot though; like how the volcano came to be, what happened to all of the people who were killed and another city called Herculaneum that was also buried, but that is another story.