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Taipei is a very interesting place. The food is good, the transportation is also good, and the bathrooms are actually clean! So we went to our hotel and checked in. We had two rooms. Dad and I in one, Jonquil and Mom in the other. We didn't do much that day. We mostly wondered around and relaxed in our hotel. The next day, we did the amazingly exciting activity of lazing around, again. We went to a place where we caught our own prawns and cooked them. I caught five and Jonquil caught three or four. We skewered them then put them on the barbecue.

They tasted delicious with the soy-sauce. We then went to a restaurant called Din Tai Fung. This restaurant is famous for it's dumplings filled with soup. I had sixteen of these dumplings. Boy was it good. It was the best Taiwan food i've ever tasted. I could've eaten fifty of those things, not really but they were very good.

We went on a gondola the next day. The gondola was called MaoKong gondola. It was famous for its glass bottomed gondolas. We went on top of this mountain range full of jungle. Not much to see. We had a couple of funny moments though.

We also went to the Taipei Miniature Museum. This place was incredible. They had mini collectible doll houses. I may be a boy but when you look at these pictures, you'll see why I liked it.

They even had miniature miniatures!

Some of them had stained glass!!!

Every single piano string is there. Not a single missing one.

Amazing detail. These are collectors pieces. They aren't made any more. I wish they'd continue to make them. They were so nice. Anyway, it's worthwhile to go just for the museum. that was all we did fore the rest of Taipei. Bye bye until next entry!